PRCA Bull Riding Standings Update: Sage Kimzey Jumps 10 Spots, Stetson Wright Moves Closer to No. 1 and More

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Ky Hamilton and Josh Frost have been a clear No. 1 and 2 in the bull riding since RodeoHouston, but two guys giving chase know a thing or two about finishing No. 1.

In the last two weeks, Stetson Wright and Sage Kimzey, the winners of the last nine Gold Buckles in bull riding, have both made more than $12,000. Those two, along with young guns Jestyn Woodward, Cullen Telfer and Tristen Hutchings are who we will focus on in this week’s PRCA Bull Riding Standings Update.

3. Stetson Wright, $84,205

No. 1 Ky Hamilton and No. 2 Josh Frost have both added more than $5,000 to their season earnings in the last two weeks, but the reigning World Champion proved he’s always lurking. Last weekend, Wright went 90 on Macza’s Big River to win Clovis and also finished fourth at the George Paul Memorial (Texas). His two qualified rides on the weekend netted him more than $12,000 and moved him from fourth to third in the world.

6. Sage Kimzey, $57,188

Sage Kimzey started April ranked outside the Top 30, but has been on a tear, mostly thanks to Xtreme Bulls events. Between Lawton, San Angelo and the George Paul Memorial, Kimzey is 5-for-5 and averaging 88.6 points per ride at X Bulls events this month. Those three bull ridings have earned him a combined $37,000. Most recently, at the George Paul on April 29, he won over $17,000 to go from No. 16 up to No. 6.

9. Jestyn Woodward, $40,392

Woodward is the second-highest ranked rookie behind T Parker (No. 7), but he’s gaining fast in both the World Standings and Resistol Rookie Race. In the last two weeks, Woodward has earned about $12,000 and gone from No. 12 to No. 9. Woodward made a majority of that money from a second place finish in Clovis and first place finish at the Gozzer Ranch Extreme Bulls (Idaho). Since April 8, Woodward is 5-of-7 with three rides of 87 points or more.

13. Cullen Telfer, $43,669

Telfer has cracked the Top 15 thanks to his performance at the George Paul Memorial. He made a pair of 87.5-point rides which put him second in the Short Round and the Average behind Kimzey in both. The impressive showing got him a payday of almost $11,000. Telfer entered the event outside the Top 15.

15. Tristen Hutchings, $42,623

Hutchings, the breakout star of the 2022 NFR, is back in the Top 15 after finding himself ranked No. 20 in the middle of April. If the former College National Champion makes another NFR, we can point to one ride that turned his season around - a 90 on Big Stone Rodeo’s Dirty Dave to win Red Bluff.

1. Ky Hamilton $107,405
2. Josh Frost $96,443
3. Stetson Wright $84,205
4. Jeff Askey $83,555
5. Trey Holston $64,546
6. Sage Kimzey $57,188
7.T Parker $55,131
8.Ernie Courson $54,030
9.Jestyn Woodward$52,842
10.Koby Radley $44,888
11.Trey Benton $44,691
12. Chance Schott $44,226
13. Cullen Telfer $43,669
14.Coy Thorson $43,572
15. Tristen Hutchings $42,623
16. Creek Young $41,310
17. Trevor Reiste $40,551
18.TJ Gray $39,699
19.Cody Teel $39,644
20. Colton Byram $35,668