Pete Carr Talks Stand Out Animals and Goals For Pete Carr Pro Rodeo

Pete Carr Pro Rodeo is known for having some of the best stock in the game. Pete Carr is the founder and CEO who started his program with a colt he bought out of North Dakota. He calls her River Boat Annie and we see her influence in her babies that we watch buck today.

Another horse that Carr says has made a huge impact in his herd is a stud that he bought from the Korkow Rodeo nearly two decades ago. The big paint horses running around in the Pete Carr herd are his.

“We’ve just gotten lucky to get a few animals here and there that have helped us along the way,” Carr said.

Although Carr’s breeding program is successfully growing, he is also adding to his herd by buying animals to accelerate his growth. He says that there a quite a few animals that he is excited about and it is still early in the year.

Carr has worked hard to create a program with happy, healthy animals that have long careers. From his feed program to the numbers and his team that makes it all happen, Pete Carr Pro Rodeo has plenty of goals left to accomplish.

“The future is pretty bright, we’ve got a lot of internal goals that we talk about. But right now, the main goals are taking care of our committees, taking care of our animals and trying to make it through the year,” Carr said.


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