Nutrena Horses of the Year presented by AQHA announced

The timed event animal athletes got their spotlight Thursday afternoon as the PRCA announced the winners of the Nutrena Horse of the Year award in each event.

Starting in the team roping, on the head side Cody Snow’s horse Annie took the top prize and on the heel side, it was Logan Medlin’s Drago. Both men are going to the Wrangler NFR, Snow qualified as the No. 7 header in the world and Medlin is the No. 10 heeler.

In tie-down roping, Marcos Costa’s Pouraguja won the award. Costa, the PRCA’s first Brazilian World Champion, is back at the NFR for the first time since 2017. Costa qualified No. 6 and was the champion of the ProRodeo Tour Finale in Salinas to end the year.

Jordan Briggs’ Rollo won the award in barrel racing. Rollo was her main mount as she finished second in the WPRA Barrel Racing World Standings as one of two cowgirls to earn more than $100,000.

In steer roping, Cole Patterson’s Tigger won the Horse of the Year. Patterson qualified for his third NSFR as the No. 1 man in the world. Patterson was one of two No. 1 qualifiers to have their horse win the top prize, the other was breakaway roper Shelby Boisjoli’s Onna.

And last but certainly not least, the Horse of the Year in steer wrestling is an equine athlete many are familiar with by now. Curtis Cassidy’s Tyson won the award for the second consecutive year. Tyson was the main mount for three NFR qualifiers in 2021: Cassidy, Jesse Brown and Scott Guenthner.

Here is the full list of finalists and winners:

Team Roping Heading

1. IMA FRESNOS DEE, “Annie;" ridden and owned by Cody Snow
2. KARTELLS BLUEDRIFT, “Buckskin YY;" ridden by Tyler Wade and owned by J.D. Yates
3. (Tie) RK TUFF TRINKET, “Bob;" ridden and owned by Riley Minor
JUBILANT VERSION, “JV;" ridden by Clint Summers and owned by Darren and Clint Summers

Team Roping Heeling

1. NITA WIN PLAYBOY, “Drago;" ridden and owned by Logan Medlin
2. DUAL CHIP, “Chip;" ridden and owned by Travis Graves
3. TWO SOCKS CODY, “Garfield;" ridden and owned by Hunter Koch

Tie-Down Roping

1. SORT OF POPULAR,"Paraguaia;" ridden and owned by Marcos Costa
2. FIGURE TO FLY, “Lollipop;" ridden and owned by Andrew Burks
3. BIG CATS MONKEY, “Rampage;" ridden and owned by Shad Mayfield

Steer Roping

1. RBS BADGER TIGGER, “Tigger;" ridden and owned by Cole Patterson
2. PC THISDUDESGOTTAGUN, “Shooter;" ridden and owned by Mike Chase
3. COOPERSLITTLETOY, “Cooper;" ridden and owned by Chris Glover

Steer Wrestling

1. DASHIN HAZE, “Tyson;" ridden by Curtis Cassidy/Jesse Brown/Scott Guenthner - owned by Curtis Cassidy
2. BE DUN BY THREE, “Benz;" ridden by Clayton Hass, Ty Erickson - owned by Clayton Hass
3. GUYS BEST EFFORT, “Casper;" ridden by Tyler Pearson/Tyler Waguespack - owned by Tyler Pearson/Dustin Pointer

Barrel Racing

1. FAMOUS LIL JET, “Rollo;" ridden by Jordon Briggs and owned by Justin and Jordon Briggs
2. DM SISSY HAYDAY, “Sister;" ridden and owned by Hailey Kinsel
3. (Tie) FIERY MISS WEST, “Missy;" ridden by Jessica Routier and owned by Gary A Westergren
HR FAMESKISSANDTELL, “Kiss;" ridden and owned by Shelley Morgan

Breakaway Roping

1. NO WIMPY TURNS, “Onna;" ridden and owned by Shelby Lynn Boisjoli
2. ALLO GALLO COLONEL, “Rooster;" ridden and owned by Madison Outhier
3. HUSKER BE SMOKIN, “Chico;" ridden by Erin Johnson and owned by Darnell & Erin Johnson