New Team Roping Pairs Coming to ProRodeo

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The beginning of the 2023 season brought us plenty of new teams in the team roping. With still six months left in the season, there are some mid-season change ups that you might not have seen coming. According to the Team Roping Journal, partners have switched and there are four new duos out on the road.

1. Clint Summers and Jake Long

2. Clay Smith and Coleby Payne

3. Tyler Wade and Wesley Thorp

4. Cody Snow and Jade Corkill

Clay Smith and Jake Long have had an exceptional winter run as a team that landed them both No. 12 in the PRCA World Standings.

Cody Snow and Wesley Thorp have roped together for five seasons, 2023 would make it six and both sit inside the Top 10 in the World.

Coleby Payne and Tyler Wade are both inside the Top 25 in the world and both are now roping with World Champions, lookout for them to steadily climb the standings.

As for Clint Summers and Jade Corkill, a switch up could be just what they need to get the ball rolling with plenty of money left to be won this season.