Mule Days is Underway in Bishop, California

Bishop, California is home to the 52nd Mule Days Celebration.

This event has long time traditions that celebrate the importance of these animals and the impact they have had on the livelihood of those in the west.

From mining, freighting, or recreational packing, mules have always played a large part in the economy and lives of those in California, which in turn lead to the first ever Mule Days Celebration in 1970.

Jennifer Roeser plays a large part in this event as one of the directors for Bishop Mule Days. After years of involvement, Jennifer is now being inducted into the Mule Days Hall of Fame.

“Its all about coming together and celebrating the freedoms and liberties we have”, Jennifer says.

Around 20,000 people gather in Bishop for this celebration, causing a significant economic impact on the town and keeping the great tradition of Mule Days alive.

Mule Days Celebration takes place May 24-29 in Bishop, California.


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