Martha Angleone Ropes Her Way to Another WCRA Major Win at Rodeo Corpus Christi

After two 2-second runs, the $19,000, surfboard and bragging rights are all Martha Angelone’s. She is no stranger to success in the WCRA and she is adding to her resume with a huge win at Rodeo Corpus Christi.

“It definitely helped my buy the two horses that I have now. Last year I wasn’t really mounted until after the Women’s Finals. It set me up for an awesome year and at Cowboy Christmas I won that bonus, that really helped me out and picked my money back up and I’m ready for this year,” she said about her WCRA success.

Angelone was quick in the Triple Crown Rodeo Round with a 2.03-second run and she is full steam ahead with no plans to safety up as the summer rodeo season get closer.