Macy Young Catches the Red Bluff Round-Up Breakaway Roping Title

Arizona’s Macy Young was the cowgirl to beat going into the Short Go at the Red Bluff Round-Up in the breakaway roping. She was the last one to back into the box on Sunday and she left the arena the champion.

Young put a time of 2.8 seconds on the board for Round 1 and a solid 3.5-second run in Round 2. That made her total on two head 6.3 seconds and left her winning the rodeo by just one tenth of a second.

“My husband asked me at the trailer ‘are you going to go for first today or what’ and I said no I’m just going to try and see the start and go catch him and see where it goes,” Young said.

Having her husband and daughter in the box with her, Young did just that. She saw her start and made a businesswoman’s run to win it all. She currently sits No. 34 in the WPRA Breakaway Roping World Standings with plenty of money left to be won this season.