Leighton Berry Craves to Win

Leighton Berry comes from a rodeo family. He grew up with a cowboy hat on his head.

He tried every event growing up and it was bareback riding that took the No. 1 place in his world with calf roping coming up next. Today, Berry competes in both.

“Being able to do both on each side of the arena, to me, it’s very humbling because I get to see both ends and both crowds and learn from each rodeo contestant. I feel like that’s kind of what made into what I am today,” he said.

Berry craved a win from the start but it was his rookie year that taught him the most. The following year in 2020, Berry decided he was headed the National Finals Rodeo. September rolled around and he was headed Arlington.

“At the end of September, whenever you know that your name belongs with the best in the world it changes everything. It changes your mental aspect, your physical aspect once you realize that’s where you belong. You pretty much get on a-whole-nother train and keep it rolling and it doesn’t stop,” Berry said.

Berry kept it rolling despite an injury that took him out of the 2021 season. He has now qualified for his second NFR and he remains unstoppable.

Video Courtesy of Resistol