Larry Mahan’s Impact Extends Far Beyond the Rodeo Arena

Larry Mahan may be best known for his 26 NFR Qualifications, but his impact reaches far beyond the bright lights of rodeo.

Chris Cox, a friend of Larry and Horsemanship trainer reflected on the impact Mahan had inside and out of the arena.

“He impacted the Western industry, he made these hats cool again. His personality his positivity was just amazing. If you think about hit, his career lasted way after he was rodeoing... There’s a lot of people who never met him but felt like they knew him.”

Pam Minnick added how important it was to Larry to be a good ambassador of the Western industry and to make sure to always give back.

“Not only did he shape the sport to a degree, but he gave back and he continues to give back. One of my last conversations with him not even two weeks ago was about setting up a foundation to make sure that his legacy was left to people in the Western world...Giving back to the entire Western Industry was really important to him”