Kelsie Domer Cashes in with Ellensburg Breakaway Win

Kelsie Domer made all the right moves to ensure she walked away with the Ellensburg Breakaway Roping Title.

Domer finished out Round 1 at No. 6 on the leader board and came back with a 2.3-second run to split the No. 1 spot in Round 2. The Texas cowgirl kept the momentum going into the Finals as she clinched the Go-Round win with a run of 2.4 seconds.

Domer claimed the Average win with an aggregate time of 7.4 seconds on three head to pull a check for just under $7,000 in total, bringing her overall WPRA earnings to $79,900.

“It’s the end of the year, you want to hit big at these bigger rodeos so it’s super special,” Domer said.

With just under $80,000 collected thus far, Domer is now sitting No. 8 in the WPRA World Standings as she works towards her second National Finals Breakaway Roping.