Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira Take Ellensburg and Extend their Lead in World Standings

Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira went into Ellensburg No. 1 in the PRCA World Standings on their respective sides. That won’t change after the pair took the Average at the rodeo after going 17 flat on three head.

The pair had seen some recent struggles, so Driggers decided to make a change to his horse on Monday.

“I have a great support system behind us,” Driggers said. “That is actually Riley Minor’s horse that I sold him last year and I was having tough luck and he let me borrow his horse. The rest is history. I really appreciate that.”

It was a big win from a money standpoint for the pair, but, for Nogueira, it was a rodeo he had always dreamed of winning.

“That’s awesome. We have been really close to winning this rodeo. This rodeo was on my bucket list.”

Driggers currently holds a $16,000 lead over Nelson Wyatt while Nogueira holds a $19,000 lead over Levi Lord. The two are vying for their third straight Gold Buckle.