Jeff Askey Looking for Best Career Finish, Enters NFR No. 3 in Bull Riding World Standings

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Jeff Askey

Jeff Askey is headed to his fifth career NFR and is looking for his best finish. He currently sits at No. 3 in the PRCA World Standings and has earned $184,000 on the season.

In a career that has seen him make over $1 million riding bulls, Askey’s best career finish was in 2018 when he was fifth in the year-end standings.

This year, Askey’s stats were what we have become accustomed to - a riding percent of 46 and 82.3 points per ride. Since 2018, he has been between 43 and 47 percent and 81.7 and 82.8 points every year.


Ellensburg Xtreme Bulls, $23,154

Askey finished second in Round 1 and was able to double dip on his payday after the First Round became the Average because zero cowboys rode in the Finals. Askey earned $7,962 in Go-Round money and $13,269 in Average money. Maverick Potter won the event with 88.5.

NFR Open, $18,989

Askey had a strong showing at the NFR Open where he won just under $19,000. He opened the rodeo with an 83-point ride which was second in the round. In the Second Round, he went 83 again which earned him fourth and also won him a check for winning the two-head Average title used to qualify for the Semifinals.

After the scores were wiped clean, Askey did not have a qualified ride in the Semifinals or Finals, in fact, Braidy Randolph was the only one to cover his bulls in either of those two rounds and he was declared the champion.

RodeoHouston, $14,083

Askey barely made it out of Super Series 1, but made sure to take advantage of his good fortune by covering his next two bulls to make the Championship Shootout, where he earned $11,833 despite being bucked off.


West of the Pecos Rodeo, 90.5 Points

It was a three-way tie for the championship at the West of the Pecos Rodeo with Braden Richardson, Francisco Garcia and Jeff Askey all going 90.5 points. Askey was matched up with Pete Carr Pro Rodeo’s Twister. The ride would earn Askey just over $3,000.

Lea County Xtreme Bulls, 89.5 Points

Askey opened the rodeo with an 88.5-point round-winning ride which earned him $3,300. He followed that up with an 89.5-point ride in the Finals which was good for second in the round and earned him the Average title. Garrett Smith went 90 points in the Finals to earn the round win. In total, Askey earned over $10,000 between the two rides.

Henderson County First Responders PRCA Rodeo, 89 Points

Askey earned more than $5,600 as he was the only cowboy to make the whistle, doing so on Andrews Rodeo’s Screamin Demon.


Clark County Fair & Rodeo, 88 Points

Two weeks prior to his win in Henderson County, Askey won the Clark County Rodeo in Nevada. This time, it was a little more difficult as seven-time World Champion Sage Kimzey was just a point off of Askey.

Cattlemen’s Days Inc., 88.5 Points

Askey stayed hot after coming off a big weekend at the NFR Open with an 88.5-point ride at the Cattlemen’s Days Inc. Rodeo. The ride won him the rodeo and made him just over $3,500.