Injury Update: Pickup Man Rex Bugbee

PHOTO: Josh Bugbee via Facebook

During the Bronc Match Thursday night at the Guymon Pioneer Days in Guymon, Oklahoma, Frontier Rodeo Company pickup man Rex Bugbee collided hard with fellow pickup man Shawn “Too Tall” Calhoun. While Calhoun walked away sore but unscathed, Bugbee was unfortunately not as lucky. He had to be transported to the trauma unit in Lubbock, Texas, for treatment, where they found multiple serious injuries including broken ribs, face bones and a shoulder blade, collapsed lungs, and several brain bleeds.

We are asking all to send their thoughts and prayers to the Bugbee family and Rex, who as Steve Kenyon notes, “is one of the best guys you will ever meet in ProRodeo. ... Everybody who knows Rex loves him.”

In his initial update posted on Facebook, Rex’s son, Josh, said, “He is in stable condition and they may do surgery on his shoulder today if they can. Please keep him in your prayers and thoughts!”

Last night, Josh shared another status report, writing:

Late update on Dad. Vitals are all still good and where they are suppose to be. A sensor to monitor the pressure on his brain was installed today. This also let the fluid that builds up drain when it needs to be relieved. He also has a drain on his lungs to try and get the blood to start moving out from his broken ribs. The doctors discovered he didn’t have a skull fracture, just a couple facial fractures.

The nurses at ICU said he was on one of the lowest setting on the ventilator. They keep shutting off his sedation medicines to see how he reacts or if he will wake up on his own. They turn them back on though when he starts fighting the ventilator and breathing to fast. He is reacting to pain which is a good sign!

I watched the nurses do a couple different swabs in his mouth, to prevent bacteria from spreading and all three times he clinched his feet. So I know he is hating that!

We can not thank everyone enough for the messages, calls and texts! He has a long recovery journey in front of him, but we know he has a whole lot of people pulling for him! Just pray he keeps moving in the right direct!

Frontier Rodeo Manager Heath Stewart — who flew to Lubbock immediately to join Rex’s wife Teri while her sons traveled to Lubbock — wrote Friday morning on Facebook:

Rodeo friends, family & committees I’ve received many messages from you reaching out about Rex Bugbee. We don’t have any answers at this time.

What we do know is he can use your prayers. He & Shawn “Too Tall” Calhoun were in an accident in Guymon, OK while picking up. Rex was flown to Lubbock, TX to the University Medical Center. He’s undergone many scans & has a long list of injuries. Too Tall is okay, but very sore. Please say a prayer for him as well. T

his is Carissa Stewart & myself along with family friend Bart Nichols are here with Rex’s wife Teri at this time. Their sons Josh & Jay are on their way to be with them.

Thank you to Donnie Gay for flying us here last night with a very short notice.


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