Hailey Kinsel gives her thoughts on her and Sister’s performance in Guymon

On Western Sports Round-Up Tuesday night, Hailey Kinsel discussed her two runs at the Guymon Pioneer Days that helped her split the title with Jordon Briggs.

It was also one of her main mount Sister’s first rodeos back since a break following RFD-TV’s The American in March.

Kinsel was second in Round 1 with by stopping the clock at 17.39 seconds.

“I got a great draw in the first round, about halfway down my drag,” she said. “I think you can be fast at the beginning or the end there (Guymon). I was excited just because it wasn’t as heavy as wet toward the end.”

In her second of two runs, Kinsel improved, but so did the rest of the field. She and Sister turned in a time of 17.24 seconds which was fourth in the round, but good enough to give her the top aggregate time of 34.65 seconds.

“I think she (Sister) handles the crowd pressure well,” Kinsel said. “She handles the noise better than a lot of horses, so she may appear to thrive (during performances).”

Kinsel won about $5,500 total at the rodeo. You can see the full interview from WSR here.


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