Flint Rasmussen Looks Back at His Very Last Dance

Flint Rasmussen’s last dance was one to remember. Although for him, it was just another day at work until the dust settled.

“We were still working. I still was putting pressure on myself to be the very best that I could. To me it was very important to do a great show no matter what time in my career it was, so I don’t know if I sat back and took it all in,” he said.

It was Sunday when it started hit him that this was, in fact, his final time in the PBR arena as an entertainer. As the PBR World Finals got closer, Rasmussen’s family rallied around but it was the moment when his daughters, Shelby and Paige, shared the stage that choked him up.

“The choke me up, make me cry emotion, I try not to do that and I tried really hard until I started talking about my girls on that stage and then I just couldn’t talk anymore,” Rasmussen said.

As the unforgettable entertainer steps into the next phase of his life, he is taking it a different direction. He said it is time to take on a new challenge and that might include taking on a new job in the broadcast booth where you will see Rasmussen in a new light.