Female Athlete of the Week: Payton Schoeppach and Mafia Boss Thrive at the Red Bluff Round-Up

Payton 1280.png

Payton Schoeppach and her horse, Mafia Boss, dominated at the Red Bluff Round-Up making Schoeppach your Female Athlete of the Week.

The duo clocked the fastest time of Round 1 with a 17.32-second run that added $3,743 to her name. They got faster by one tenth of a second in the Second Round when they stopped the clock at 17.22 seconds.

Schoeppach laughed when she said Boss decided to send himself, but it all worked out as she ended up No. 1 in the Average and the Red Bluff Round-Up Champion.

Overall, Schoeppach added almost $10,500 to her season earnings and it jumped her to No. 29 in the WPRA World Standings on top of crossing a rodeo win off her bucket list.