Eight-Time National Finals Steer Wrestler Matt Reeves Leads San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo Average

Matt Reeves time on two head is the one to beat in San Angelo.

Matt Reeves has been consistent enough in San Angelo to be the No. 1 steer wrestler in the Average with a time of 8.4 seconds on two head. He currently sits in the money for Round 1 and it is now a waiting game through six more performances until the Finals.

“Man, I like Angelo. I’ve had a lot of luck, it’s close to home so my family gets to come but it’s a great atmosphere, it’s a fun rodeo. I like the fact that we have a good average,” Reeves said.

Reeves rode Ty Erickson’s horse Crush to get the job done and Erickson snuck into Round 2 with a 3.7-second run to be third after four performances. He is out of the Average but could hang on to a go-round payday.

Cole Walker is the No. 2 steer wrestler in the Average. His time of 3.7 seconds is good enough to be second in Round 1 and he was a 5.0 to get him where he is in the Average. He is trailed by Trevor Nelson by two tenths of a second. Nelson is tied to win Round 2 with six performances to go.

If you go through your Top 12 steer wrestlers on two head after the first four performances in San Angelo, you will find a tie for ninth that is split four ways between Bridger Anderson, Justin Schaffer, Chance Howard and Gus Franzen. The time to beat to bust into that Top 12 in 9.8 seconds on two head.