Dr. Gregg Veneklasen Named PRCA Veterinarian of the Year

Dr. Gregg Veneklasen has experience at both ends of the arena and that treated him well as he was named the 2022 PRCA Veterinarian of the Year.

“First of all, I never knew I was nominated,” Veneklasen told ProRodeo.com. “Brenda Binion Michael, who passed away in July, and who was my best friend, I’m going to accept with her. We are sharing it together. She told me I was never going to be Vet of the Year. She was very blunt. They are never going to be ready for a guy who wears Hawaiian shirts every day. I wear Hawaiian shirts every day and I always have.

Veneklasen had been nominated once in 2010 by the likes of Trevor Brazile, Speed Williams and Travis Tryan.

He has since spent a lot of time working with bucking horses, including 15 years with Frontier Rodeo Company.

“I have had a great life and a great journey prior to rodeo, Brenda Michael and Michael and Paula Gaughan are my mentors and I would have never been where I am without Brenda, I am excited every day to get to what I do,” he said.

Veneklasen owns Timber Creek Veterinary Hospital in Canyon, Texas and is famous for cloning bucking horses.