Defending Breakaway Roping Champion Amanda Coleman Clocks to Take Round 3 Lead in Clovis

Amanda Coleman is the defending Breakaway Roping Champion of Clovis Rodeo and after stopping the clock at 5.0 seconds, she leads Round 3 and sits No. 2 in the average.

Coleman nodded for her calf as she was still backing her horse into the box. She said that is just something she likes to do and it slows her mind down when you don’t know what a calf is going to do.

“Walking fresh is my favorite things. I look forward to Clovis every year, since last year. I love walking fresh… not as many rodeos supply walking fresh calves so it is fun to have a rodeo experience as a walking fresh instead of a jackpot,” Coleman said.

Coleman has to wait it out but she will likely return for the Short Go on Sunday in California.