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Ready to fire up the grill? Take your grill game to the next level with new recipes, tips, and BBQ how-tos weekly from Cowboy Charcoal.

Whether it’s tomahawks, tri-tips, smoked chicken, artichokes, pig candy, meatloaf, shrimp or lamb, Cowboy Brand has you covered from start to finish.

The Cowboy Charcoal brand enhances grilling experiences for barbecue enthusiasts around the country with its charcoal, wood chips, wood chunks, pellets, BBQ sauces, pit-style cookin wood, and firestarters.

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When’s the last time you sank your teeth into a juicy pork burger? These are simple patties, grilled over Cowboy Garlic & Onion Hardwood Briquets.
When’s the last time you had a good slice of meatloaf? We’re pulling out all the stops with award-winning Merry Graham, aka, GrillingGrandma to show you how to smoke the best meatloaf. And we’re doing it on a gas grill.

Think you can’t get that savory smoke flavor on a gas grill? Think again. Pitmaster Daniel is taking us to school with these delicious smoked chicken wings marinated in a Korean inspired sauce and smoked on a gas grill.
Think you can’t get great barbecue flavor on a gas grill? Think again. This recipe is showing you step-by-step how easy it is to get that steak house wood-fired flavor with an amazing tomahawk steak.

This tri-tip recipe is rubbed with an umami powder, Jack Daniel’s steak seasoning, and grilled over Cowboy all-natural mesquite hardwood briquets and a few apple chunks for added flavor.

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