Clark County Fair and Rodeo: Performance 2 Winning Rides and Runs

The competition has been impressive through two performances at the Clark County Fair and Rodeo

Logandale_Clark County Fair & Rodeo Graphics

The second performance in Logandale brought changes at the top of the leaderboard in bareback riding, team roping and barrel racing.

No. 30 Clay Jorgensen, 86 Points on Sankey Pro Rodeo & Phenom Genetics Land of Fancy

No. 16 Quade Hiatt, 8.5 Seconds

No. 160 Jenna Fulton, 2.5 Seconds

No. 2 Dalton Massey, 4.1 Seconds

No. 25 Isaac Diaz, 86.5 Points on Legacy Pro Rodeo’s Hell Boy

No. 42 Pedro Egurrola/No. 50 JC Flake, 3.9 Seconds

No. 10 Emily Beisel, 17.17 Seconds

No. 3 Luke Mast, 87 Points on Macza Pro Rodeo’s Calibration