Brothers Jess and Ty Pope Share Win at Gooding Pro Rodeo

The Gooding Pro Rodeo was easy on the Pope family because no matter which brother you rooted for, he left a champion as both Ty and Jess were marked 87 points in the bareback riding at the Playoff Rodeo in Idaho.

Jess, the reigning World Champion, rode Red Beard while Ty, a rookie, covered Cowtown. Both are Summit Pro Rodeo horses.

Reporter Katy Lucas had a different spin in the post-ride interview, asking the two cowboys to break down the others ride.

“That horse is really strong, leaves out of their hard, I thought he had a great mark out and spurred over his neck once and recovered,” Jess said of Ty. “He rode really, really good.”

The brothers both won $4,857 for the victory.