Barrel Racers Lisa Lockhart and Molly Otto Lock in Round 3 Win in San Antonio

Lisa Lockhart and Molly Otto split a huge go-round win in San Antonio. Making close to identical runs and shutting the clock off at 13.95 seconds, the ladies cashed in the win.

“We both discussed it. Maybe we haven’t clocked as well as we wanted to, you know, some of the nights. We were just bound and determined to make it happen tonight and I couldn’t be prouder standing here with her tonight,” Lockhart said.

Lockhart’s Levee and Otto’s Chewy are some of professional rodeo’s best equine partners and during Round 3, these duos left it all in the arena to both cinch a spot in the Semifinals. Emily Beisel is the No. 1 lady coming back and Leslie Smalygo will also be joining them.