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This team of cowboys is ready to ride and face whatever lies ahead together. The Thunder is coming!


4th Henry Productions

“Cowboys of Thunder” follows longtime PBR legends, friends, and former Hall of Fame riders Luke Snyder and Ross Coleman as they lead a legion of thunderous cowboys on their journey to take home the PBR Team Series Championship in its inaugural season.

Missouri is home to one of the most avid Professional Bull Riding fan bases one can imagine! Ridgedale, Mo., with a population of 1,031, is a tiny-but-mighty market of passionate PBR enthusiasts and home to Thunder Ridge, a stunning spectacle and breathtaking outdoor arena amid the rolling hills of the Ozarks. A dream team assembled, a brotherhood of longtime bonds and deep-rooted family ties. With unrivaled heart, honor, and respect, they journey towards a new frontier. A team of cowboys ready to ride and face whatever lies ahead together. The Thunder is coming!


PBR’s Thunder Ridge star in The Cowboy Channel’s new show, “Cowboys of Thunder,” which premieres on-air and online on Aug. 30, 2022!

4th Henry Productions

The reality sports docuseries stars PBR Ring of Honor members Luke Snyder and Ross Coleman, Bass Pro founder Johnny Morris, and former CEO of Professional Bull Riders and IndyCar Randy Bernard, with a team of 10 of the finest young bull riders from around the world; Cody Teel, Colten Fritzlan, Clayton Sellars, Andrew Alvidrez, Jesse Petri, Adriano Salgado, Marcelo Procopio Pereira, Leandro Machado, Luke Parkinson, and Callum Miller.

“Cowboys of Thunder” is produced for the Cowboy Channel and Cowboy Channel + by 4th Henry Productions, LLC. Johnathan & Jenna Ketlehut serve as showrunners and producers alongside Johnny Morris, Randy Bernard, Luke Snyder, Ross Coleman, and Brittany Gross.

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About 4th Henry Productions:
4th Henry Productions is a dedicated and loving partnership/company focused on making memories last. An award-winning destination for premium scripted and unscripted programming, capturing, chronicling, and connecting with its audience wherever they are. Launched in 2015, 4th Henry Productions is a venture predicated on achieving excellence.

Photos: Meet the “Cowboys of Thunder!”

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