2021 NFR Bull Riding Stock Announced


The animal athletes have been chosen for the 2021 NFR.

Here is a look at the stock for the Wrangler NFR in the bull riding. Andrews Rodeo, Dakota Rodeo, Frontier Rodeo, Cervi Championship Rodeo and Pete Carr Pro Rodeo were all well-represented.

2021 NFR Bulls
PRCA Stock Contractor Firm Name Brand Livestock Name
4L & Diamond S Rodeo 548 Space Unicorn
4L & Diamond S Rodeo 3121 Relentless
Andrews Rodeo 2R Armed and Dangerous
Andrews Rodeo F42 Velocity
Andrews Rodeo F16 Buzz Ball/Rum Dum
Andrews Rodeo R20 Pokey
Andrews Rodeo F50 Wild Onion
Bar T Rodeo -61 Silver Fox
Bar T Rodeo 56 Angels Landing
Barnes PRCA Rodeo 23F Slobber Knocker
Barnes PRCA Rodeo 513 Excessive Force
Barnes PRCA Rodeo 517 Little Beagle
Beutler & Son Rodeo Z54 Viper
Beutler & Son Rodeo R62 Smoke Stack
Big Rafter 520 Indigenous
Big Rafter -65 Resistols Silver Bullet
Big Rafter 524 Resistols Cliff Hanger
Big Stone Rodeo Inc. W20 War Cry
Big Stone Rodeo Inc. 409 Mr. Clean
Bridwell Pro Rodeo P43 Hou’s Bad News
Brookman 252 Grand Slam
Burch Rodeo 630 Zombie Time
Burch Rodeo 313 Flatlander
Cervi Championship Rodeo 8 Hard Knox
Cervi Championship Rodeo 16 Milburn Special
Cervi Championship Rodeo E16 Predator
Cervi Championship Rodeo 77 Centerfold
Corey & Lange Rodeo Z018 Rewind
Corey & Lange Rodeo -718 Freaky Friday
Corey & Lange Rodeo -533 Billy Hell
Cowtown Rodeo 64 YETI’s Big Poisen
Dakota Rodeo 51 SAFETY MEETING
Dakota Rodeo 346 MR. WINSTON
Dakota Rodeo 25B TRAIL OF TEARS
Dakota Rodeo 679 I’M BUSTED
Dakota Rodeo 55 POOKIE HOLLER
Diamond G Rodeo 409 Troy’s Kung Fu Magic
Duane Kesler 481 Switchback
Four Star 560 Bit A Bad News
Four Star 550 Shark Bait
Frontier Rodeo 755 Glory Days
Frontier Rodeo 618 Gladiator’s Hammer
Frontier Rodeo 807 After All
Frontier Rodeo 5-018 Jester
Frontier Rodeo 78 County Jail
Hampton Pro Rodeo 11E- Road Warrior
Harper & Morgan Rodeo Co 4113 Big Hat
Harper & Morgan Rodeo Co 412 Pickup Man
Hurst & TNT Pro Rodeo 6835 Rip
Hurst & TNT Pro Rodeo 6201 Barracuda
J Bar J 54 Little Hoot
JC Kitaif 520 Rico Suave
Korkow Rodeos 517 Standard Tuesday
Macza Pro Rodeo 639 Ugly Wish
Macza Pro Rodeo 15 OLS Tubs Sunny
Muddy Creek Pro Rodeo 513 Black Water
New Star Pro Rodeo 556 Listen Linda
New West Rodeo Productions 611 SILVER STAR
Outlawbuckers Rodeo 604 LOSE YOUR BONES
Painted Poney Championship Rodeo 45 Cocktail Diarrhea
Pete Carr Pro Rodeo 370 TEQUILA WORM
Pete Carr Pro Rodeo 53E BAYOU BENGAL
Pete Carr Pro Rodeo 608 TWILIGHT ZONE
Pete Carr Pro Rodeo 700E SHAFT
Pete Carr Pro Rodeo 187 HIGH RISE
Pete Carr Pro Rodeo 149 BIG RED
Pete Carr Pro Rodeo E2-3 Midnight Rider
Pickett Pro Rodeo Co 606 Jusitfied
Powder River Rodeo F20 ALAKAZAM
Powder River Rodeo 701 Magic Potion
Powder River Rodeo 592 GRAND THEFT
Powder River Rodeo 43C- CHISELED
Powder River Rodeo 39d TOP SHELF
Rafter G Rodeo 424 Johnny Thunder
Rafter H Rodeo Livestock 207 Nose Bender
Rafter H Rodeo Livestock X3166 Wicked Sensation
Rafter H Rodeo Livestock 23E Under The Influence
Rocky Mountain Rodeo 128 American Blood
Rocky Mountain Rodeo 511 Wolf of Wallstreet
Rosser Rodeo 25/5 Black Kat
Salt River Rodeo 168 Pistol Whip
Salt River Rodeo 583 Boss Baby
Sankey Pro Rodeo & Phenom Genetics 731 Bouchon
Sankey Pro Rodeo & Phenom Genetics X323 Arctic Assassin
Silver Spurs Club 5108 Beanie
Stace Smith Pro Rodeos C7 Let’s Gamble
Stace Smith Pro Rodeos 546 Evil Intentions
Stace Smith Pro Rodeos D9 Dr. Feelgood
Stockyards ProRodeo 580 Silver Lining
Stockyards ProRodeo M5 Soy El Fuego
Stockyards ProRodeo 12L Party Star
Summit Pro Rodeo 6282 Tiger Terror
Sutton Rodeos 86C Rock N Roll Fantasy
Three Hills Rodeo 573 TUCKER
United Pro Rodeo 823 Happy Days
United Pro Rodeo 367A Amish Burn Out
Universal Pro Rodeos 679 Doctor X
Universal Pro Rodeos 131 A-Team
Wayne Vold Rodeo 528 Razor
Western Rodeos 427 Gangster