WPRA Barrel Racing Standings, Sept. 21: Lisa Lockhart Enters Top 3, Stevi Hillman Shakes Up the Bubble



Minimal shifts in the Top 10 have taken place in the WRPA Barrel Racing World Standings, however, those on the bubble have shaken things up as Stevi Hillman jumps to No. 12 with Paige Jones trailing behind at No. 13. Sue Smith has taken a step back as she now sits at No. 15 after previously holding the 12th position.

Household names such as Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, who sits at No. 1 with a lead of $86,359, Emily Beisel and Wenda Johnson have all but punched their ticket to Las Vegas as they sit comfortably within the Top 10 with a just 9 days remaining in the regular season.

No. 3 Lisa Lockhart, $134,593

Lisa Lockhart is no stranger to competing inside the Thomas and Mack and as she now sits at No. 3 in the World Standings, she is guaranteed another chance at a World Title. Lockhart made the move into the Top 3 after cinching a check at the Pendleton Round-Up for over $11,000. The cowgirl’s consistency paid off as she claimed the No. 2 position in both Round 1 and the ShortnGo to ultimately secure second-place in the Average with 57.0 seconds flat on two head.

No. 12 Stevi Hillman, $105,687

Stevi Hilman secured an emotional win at the Pendleton Round-Up as she and her equine partner Sandi clocked the fastest time of the rodeo in the Final Round with a run of 28.23 seconds. An aggregate time of 56.90 locked Hillman in at No. 1 in the Average, pulling a check for $11,374. With seven NFR qualifications under her belt, Hillman is set on an eighth trip to Las Vegas to fight for her shot at a World Title.

No. 17 Ashley Castleberry, $84,789

Ashley Castleberry has made the jump from No. 20 to No. 17 in the World Standings after securing second-place checks at the New Mexico State Fair and West Texas Fair & Rodeo. A run of 17.21 seconds secured Castleberry the No. 2 spot in Abilene, sending her to the pay window to pick up a check for just over $3,000. Castleberry kept the momentum going as she headed Northeast to Albuequerque, NM where she finished out just behind Liz Pinkston with a 15.22-second run to add $4,877 to her earnings.

As the season soon comes to a close, we are taking a look at the Top 20 barrel racers in the WPRA World Standings.

1.Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi $246,882
2.Jordon Briggs $160,522
3.Lisa Lockhart $134,593
4.Kassie Mowry $133,802
5.Taycie Matthews $122,661
6.Jessica Routier$116,437
7.Emily Beisel$112,880
8.Ilyssa Riley $110,265
9.Wenda Johnson$107,983
10.Sissy Winn$106,743
11.Hailey Kinsel$105,775
12.Stevi Hillman $105,687
13.Paige Jones$100,147
14.Summer Kosel$97,996
15.Sue Smith$97,392
16.Sara Winkelman$91,276
17.Ashley Castleberry$84,789
18.Kelly Allen$84,775
19.Carlee Otero$79,056
20.Dona Kay Rule$78,860

Standings via WPRA are accurate as of Sept. 21, 2023 at 5:00 PM ET.