Lane Frost, Tuff Hedeman, Jim Sharp, Donnie Gay, JW Harris have all nodded their heads in Del Rio, Texas at the George Paul Memorial, which has become a who's who of professional bull riding. 

The event was created to honor the memory of George Paul, who's name will always be synonymous with bull riding. 

In 1968, Paul famously rode a world record 79 bulls en route to a World Title at age 21. 

Two years later, he was tragically killed when his plane crashed into a Wyoming mountain. 

"Of all of the people I've seen come and go, there's not going to be another George Paul," Bobby Steiner said. 

Since 1978, the George Paul Memorial has been held to honor his legacy and Del Rio became the birthplace of standalone, high-paying bull ridings. Every World Champion since 1977 has competed.