Stetson Wright leads saddle bronc riding and bull riding in Caldwell

You don’t become a two-time All-Around World Champion by accident and Stetson Wright looked every bit the part on Wednesday night in Idaho.

In the second performance of the Caldwell Night Rodeo, Wright rode Burch Rodeo’s Lilly Stomper for 88 points before turning around and riding Powder River’s Mr. Universe for 92 points in the bull riding.

“I was super excited, my brother Rusty he’s done good on him,” Wright said of his bronc ride.

Of his bull ride, he said chute trouble wore him out mentally, but he knew if he did his job he’d be re-energized.

“I feel pretty good now,” he said afterward.

Wright now looks to be a almost a sure thing to advance to the Short Round in both events as he leads the saddle bronc riding by two points over Jarrod Hammons and Allen Boore and in the bull riding, he is one of two cowboys to make the whistle through two performances.

The only problem for Wright on the evening was a wardrobe malfunction. He didn’t know that Go-Round winners took victory laps in Caldwell so after his bronc ride, he went to change to get ready for his bull ride. While he was changing, he was called for the lap, so he was out there with mismatched boots.

“I looked like a trainwreck,” he said.




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