Second Annual Steiner Ranch Riggin’ Rally


The Steiner family decided to take things up a notch for their the second annual Riggin Rally — the premiere standalone bareback riding event, which the Steiner family established last spring when rodeos started shutting down.

In year one, they invited the top 16 in the world to come compete. This year, they not only expanded their numbers to include the top 24, they also added a qualifier, providing everyone a chance to earn a spot. The top 6 from the qualifier will join the top 24 in the PRCA 2020 World Standings for the event today, matching up with some of the best bareback horses in the business.

The long round will include three sets of contestants, each consisting of eight from the top 24 and two from the qualifiers. The top 4 from each bracket will move on to the short round, where the slate is wiped clean and the highest score wins.

SIX QUALIFIERS: Clay Jorgenson, Bodee Lammers, Buck Lunak, Seth Hardwick, Will Martin, Tyler Berghuis

Don’t miss all of the action TONIGHT, brought to you LIVE from the Steiner Ranch starting at 6PM ET!


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