PRCA Tie-Down Roping Standings, Sept. 28: Blane Cox and Tuf Cooper Make Big Moves Inside the Top 15

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James Phifer

The countdown to the close of the regular season is on with just days remaining and the athletes in the tie-down roping are keeping the momentum going as big moves have taken place over the past week.

More shifts are sure to come in the next two days as some of rodeo’s top names are headed to Sioux Falls to compete for their portion of the prize money at the Cinch Playoff’s Governors Cup including Riley Webb, Blane Cox, Caleb Smidt and Luke Potter.

No. 1 Riley Webb, $278,621

Riley Webb has taken the 2023 season by storm as he continues to lead at No. 1 by a substantial margin with $278, 621 in total earnings. Webb recently captured checks in Amarillo, Springhill and Stephenville as he gears up for the Cinch Playoff’s Governors Cup for one last shot at a regular season check before preparing for is second consecutive National Finals Rodeo this December.

No. 7 Blane Cox, $118,334

Texas cowboy Blane Cox has jumped to No. 7 in the World Standings after cinching multiple checks Amarillo and Stephenville over the weekend to bring his total earnings to $118,334. Cox tied for the No. 1 spot at the Amarillo Tri-State Rodeo with a run of 7.8 seconds to collect $2,331 just before heading home the Cowboy Capital of the World Rodeo where he picked up a second place check for just under $2,200. With just days remaining in the regular season, Cox is sitting comfortably inside the Top 10 as he looks forward to a second National Finals Rodeo qualification.

No. 9 Caleb Smidt, $117,133

Four-Time World Champion Caleb Smidt has significantly shifted his position in the World Standings as he moves from No. 13 to No. 9 in just one week with the help of a first place check at the Amarillo Tri-State Rodeo as he split the win with Blane Cox to pull a check for $2,331. Smidt stayed consistent as he turned in another 7.8-second run to clinch the Cowboy Capital of the World Rodeo Championship Title to add $2,485 to his earnings.

No. 15 Tuf Cooper, $110,091

Tuf Cooper is one of rodeo’s most notable names and the four-time World Champion is gunning for a sixteenth NFR qualification after capturing over $10,000 over the past week as he now sits at No. 15 in the World Standings. Cooper secured three first place checks including the Springhill Rodeo, Sheriff’s PRCA Rodeo and Poway Rodeo and kept his momentum going as added to his earnings in Omaha, Sonoma and Cumberland.

No. 16 Luke Potter, $100,873

Luke Potter has remained on the bubble for a good portion of the summer run and the Kansas cowboy has one last opportunity to claim his spot inside the Top 15 as he makes his way to Sioux Falls to compete at the Cinch Playoff’s Governors Cup for the chance to secure one final check of the regular season.

Check out the Top 20 tie-down ropers in the PRCA World Standings.

Rank Name Earnings
1.Riley Webb$278,621
2.Haven Meged $191,753
3.Shad Mayfield$167,853
4.Shane Hanchey$154,877
5.Ty Harris $139,681
6.Cory Solomon$119,408
7.Blane Cox$118,334
8.Westyn Hughes $117,447
9.Caleb Smidt$117,133
10.Beau Cooper$116,881
11.Brushton Minton$116,551
12.John Douch$115,054
13.Hunter Herrin$112,536
14.Kincade Henry $111,735
15.Tuf Cooper$110,091
16.Luke Potter$100,873
17.Zach Jongbloed$100,165
18.Michael Oter$96,570
19.Jake Pratt$94,836
20.Marcos Costa$93,675

Standings current as of on September 28, 2023 at 12:00 PM ET.