PBR CEO Sean Gleason Talks Moving World Finals to Texas

PBR CEO Sean Gleason is calling Fort Worth home for the ten-day duration of the PBR World Finals.

Round 1 through 3 took place this past weekend and will pick back up on Thursday, May 19, for Round 4.

With three days of down time in between the weekends, Gleason was able to attend the Texas Rangers baseball game and was asked to through out the first pitch.

This is the first year PBR has held the World Finals in May, as well as the first year in Fort Worth.

“When we arrived it felt like we should have been here a lot sooner than this, but that’s the mark of a great start to a long-term relationship with the city,” Gleason said.

As weekend two of the PBR World Finals, this race has proven to be the tightest in PBR history. “

One 70-point ride that separates the top two guys in the world,” he said.

The PBR World Finals will take place May 19-22 at Dickies arena in Fort Worth, Texas.


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