One of the greatest bullfighters of all time, Frank Newsom, was in Fort Worth, Texas, attending his 20th PBR World Finals, when a terrible accident took place at the Ultimate Freestyle Bullfighting event.  

Though Frank was only spectating the event, as he watched a young fellow bullfighter go down, Newsom jumped the fence and sprang into action.

The bullfighter is currently in the ICU; however, it was reported that the young athlete’s injuries could have been much more severe if Frank would not have stepped in.

Frank also suffered from serious injuries, breaking ribs and requiring surgery on his abdomen. Because of these injuries, Newsom will not be able to finish out the PBR event, as he was set to retire at the end of this year’s World Finals.

Our very own Katy Lucas says, “What a fitting way for an absolute hero to finish out his career."

Our thoughts are with Frank and his family during this time.