No. 14 Header Coleman Proctor discusses the pressure of the bubble on Road to NFR

Coleman Proctor snuck into his sixth NFR with his back against the wall, he was outside the Top 20 on the head side with two weeks left in the season, but then he won more than $6,000 in Pendleton and finished third at three other rodeos in the in the last 12 days of the season to qualify at No. 14.

“I kind of treated like I did with my studies in college and waited until the last minute to get the projects done,” he said. “Unfortunately I’ve been in that position (the bubble) a few times, I think the dreading the 24-hour drive from San Bernardino back to Oklahoma if I didn’t succeed was probably my biggest motivator.”

Proctor also noted that at the end of the season his partner Logan Medlin was in Salinas, so he was trying to make up ground with Kyle Lockett as his partner. Proctor also added that Jake Long helped him work through how much money he needed to win and what kind of runs to make during the final week of the season.

“I’d like to be all coy and cool and say I had it in the bag the whole time, but no, it is absolutely pressure-packed, your whole year comes down to that, it’s like trying to sell enough to get a bonus,” he said. “Your whole year is down to one steer.”

As for his position heading to Vegas? He doesn’t mind because he knows how much money is up for grabs.

“I’m an Average win away from catching back up with the No. 1 guys in the world.”


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