Hardy Braden’s Rematch with Beutler and Son’s Killer Bee Ends with a Greeley Stampede Championship Title

Saddle bronc rider Hardy Braden had the rematch of a lifetime at the Greeley Stampede. He drew Beutler and Son Rodeo’s Killer Bee, a horse known to get the best of cowboys. Braden conquered the rematch and to make it even better, he did it to become the Greeley Stampede Champion.

In Tuscon, Braden was bucked off the famous mare in the Short Go a couple years ago.

“Typical scared to death, and Killer Bee, she’s a sweetheart in the chutes and she already had a name for herself by then… I’m crawling on her… expecting a beast, she didn’t even twitch an ear, she bails out of there and just man handles me,” he said.

Braden remembers that Killer Bee bucks hard out of the chute and he had to keep going forward if he wanted to stay on.

“That caliber of horse, there’s not many like her, that’s for sure. It felt good, especially when I heard that whistle, it felt event better,” Harden laughed.

Harden and Killer Bee matched up to be 89.5 points and the Greeley Stampede Champions.


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