2019 NFR Round Winning Bronc Rides

Take a look at the ten round-winning rides in saddle bronc riding from the 2019 NFR. As always, the NFR brought the best in the world to compete for the ultimate prize, a World Championship.

Here are the top ten rides in order from lowest to highest scores.

10: Zeke Thurston, Round 1, 88 points on Sue City Sue

9: Dawson Hay, Round 6, 88.5 points on Sue City Sue

8: Jesse Wright, Round 2, 89.5 points on Awesome Sauce

7: Jake Watson, Round 8, 89.5 points on Stampede Warrior

6: Rusty Wright, Round 4, 89.5 points on Miss Nancy

5: Chase Brooks, Round 3, 90 points on Lunatic Party

4: Zeke Thurston, Round 9, 91 points on Sun Glow

3: Brody Cress, Round 10, 91 points on Womanizer

2: Jake Watson, Round 5, 92 points on Lunatic from Hell

1: Zeke Thurston, Round 7, 92.5 points on Get Smart


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