Xtreme Bulls Finale: Round 1 and 2 Draw

Xtreme Bulls Finale 1280

The Happy Canyon Arena is the home of the PRCA Xtreme Bulls Finale and it all kicks off tonight. Twenty-six of Xtreme bulls best will ride in three rounds before the Top 12 in the aggregate come back for Round 4. An event Champion will be crowned on the four head average while a year-end Champion will be crowned over all.

Josh Frost currently sits No. 1 in the Xtreme Bulls Standings followed by Jeff Askey. Hot on their heels is young gun Maverick Potter and Superman in Boots, Stetson Wright. The list is distinguished with top-knotch cowboys and powerhouse bulls.

Round 1 Draw

Brody YearyHouse of Pain - FL
Garrett SmithLawless Frontier - FL
Creek YoungRodeo Stray - FL
Tyler TaylorCabo - FL
Jace TrosclairFerninand - FL
Ky HamiltonConagher - FL
Hayes WeightMonte Walsh - FL
Maverick PotterMajestic Blues - WM
Jeff AskeyWishful Thinking - WM
Riggin ShippyLap Dance - WM
Trevor KastnerThe Switch - WM
Cole FischerMr. Shorty - KW
Tristan HutchingsRoad Kill - KW
Josh FrostLongmire - KW
Brady PortenierDust Up - SA
Dawson GleavesMagic Mike - SA
Trevor ReisteSnowflake Melter - SA
Trey KimzeyReinstate Hank - SA
Chance SchottAl Pachino - MC
Trey Benton IIIGold Medal - MC
Bryce BurnellFender Bender - MC
Stetson WrightTequila Sunrise - BR
Bubba GreigTwo Words - BH
Reid OftedahlBrandon - JD
Lukasey MorrisMidnight Panda - WV

Round 2 Draw

Reid OftedahlBy The Batch - WV
Ky HamiltonPositively Bagging - OB
Brody Yeary Just a Vertigo - WV
Riggin ShippySugar Jack - OB
Tristen HutchingsEllensburg Kickstand - OB
Lukasey MorrisWolf it Up - BH
Brady Portenier
Trey KimzeyBurning Bash - BH
Tyler Taylor
Hayes WeightThe Gambler
Jeff AskeyCheech - JD
Stetson WrightFoolish Pride - BR
Bubba GreigDynamite - BR
Bryce BurnellHou’s Magic - SA
Creek YoungCombat - SA
Garrett SmithBugatti - SA
Maverick PotterLegal Beagle - SA
Trevor KastnerTotal Air - SA
Dawson GleavesTime for Religion - SA
Trevor ReisteHot & Fresh - FL
Chance SchottEasy Street - FL
Josh Frost
Cole FischerBurning Bridges - FL
Trey Benton IIILone Ranger - KW
Jace TrosclairDirty Deeds - KW

The draw is set and the competition is going to be good. Tonight’s performance will consist of Rounds 1 and 2 while 3 and 4 will take place tomorrow and you can catch the two nights of action on The Cowboy Channel at 11:00 PM ET.