WRWC Commissioner Linsay Rosser-Sumpter Talks Kid Rock’s Rock-N-Rodeo Draft on PBR Now

The brand new rodeo brings a brand new format

The Freeriders, coached by Bobby Mote and Linsay Rosser-Sumpter, are in an interesting position in the fast approaching Kid Rock’s Rock N Rodeo.

Rather than draft their team like the other five squads get to, Mote and Sumpter must wait until after the WCRA’s Rodeo Corpus Christi as their team will be filled via qualifiers there.

“It was a daunting day to sit there and watch the top athletes get picked off one by one after another, but really when you look at the list, they left a lot of cowboys and cowgirls on there for us to have a chance at,” Rosser-Sumpter said. "(Our team) is going to be composed of a bunch of athletes who already winners, they are going to leave Rodeo Corpus Christi either winning first or second and from there, they’re going to go ahead and get on our team.”

Ten athletes have already been picked in each discipline and those drafted or coaching in the event combined to have 54 PRCA World Championships, 39 NFR Average titles, 405 NFR qualifications and more than $89 million in career earnings.

The rodeo itself will feature a style of head-to-head competition never before seen with athletes competing at exact same time as someone from the opposing team.

You can watch the draft on Wednesday, April 10 on The Cowboy Channel and Cowboy Channel+ at 8 PM ET. The rodeo itself takes place at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on Friday, May 17.

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