WPRA Breakaway Standings Update, Feb. 10: Danielle Lowman’s Record-Breaking Start Has Her No. 1

The cowgirls who performed well in Fort Worth currently control the WPRA World Standings

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The Texas Swing was a gift to some breakaway ropers as the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo’s equal pay meant that those who performed well in Dickies Arena take up most of the real estate at the top of the WPRA World Standings.

So far, no one has been better than Danielle Lowman, who won the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo in convincing fashion.

But with San Antonio up next, things could change in the blink of an eye, something all breakaway ropers are familiar with.

No. 1 Danielle Lowman, $27,409

Lowman won almost all of her money, $24,750 of it, in Fort Worth where she turned in three times of 1.8 or seconds or faster, including a new arena record of 1.6 seconds.

No. 2 Rickie Fanning, $18,728

Fanning also got a big boost in Fort Worth by banking $12,000 in the Finals alone for her 1.9-second run. She was one tenth off of Lowman and made a total of $16,500 inside Dickies Arena in 2024.

No. 3 Bradi Good, $15,942

Good claimed fourth in the Fort Worth Finals, which paid her $4,000. Prior to that, she brought home checks at the Lubbock Breakaway Roping (Texas), Bellville Breakaway Roping (Texas) and the Texas Circuit Finals between Oct. 10 and Nov. 4.

No. 4 Bailey Bates, $15,377

All four of Bates’ time in Fort Worth were 2.6 seconds or faster and she earned a payday north of $15,000 there.

No. 5 Jackie Crawford, $14,158

Unlike the rest of the Top 5, a majority of Crawford’s money came from October’s Texas Circuit Finals rather than Fort Worth. She turned in four times of 3.4 seconds or faster, placed in every round, and won the Average with 10.8 seconds on four head. It paid a total of $9,125.

No. 6 Willow Wilson, $13,449

Wilson brought in more than $4,000 for a second place finish in the Average at the Loveland Breakaway Roping (Colorado). She also added another $1,750 in Fort Worth to make up half of her season earnings across those two rodeos.

No. 7 Martha Angelone, $12,601

Angelone won at least $1,300 on three runs in Texas in October - a 2.1 in Hempstead, a 2.3 at the Texas Circuit Finals and a 2.6 in Bellville.

No. 8 Maddy Deerman, $12,206

Deerman won nearly $6,000 for a second place finish in the Average at November’s Camp Verde Breakaway Roping (Arizona) and later added another $6,000+ for making the Finals in Fort Worth.

No. 9 Shelby Boisjoli-Meged, $12,026

The reigning World Champion owes her spot in the WPRA World Standings to a terrific performance in Great Falls, Montana in January. She had three times of 3.5 seconds or faster, won a round, placed second in two others and won the Average by 1.7 seconds there.

No. 10 Jordan Jo Hollabaugh, $11,465

In addition to winning $5,500 in Fort Worth, Hollabaugh was also the champion of the Seguin Breakaway Roping (Texas) in her season debut on Oct. 12.

No. 11 Sawyer Gilbert, $11,187

Gilbert won the Average at the Minot Breakaway Roping (North Dakota) in October which made up more than half of her season earnings. She also pulled in more than $1,500 at the Rosenberg Breakaway Roping (Texas) and the Lubbock Breakaway Roping.

No. 12 Cadee Williams, $9,932

Williams won a round and finished second in the Average to Boisjoli-Meged in Great Falls. She made more than $6,500 there.

No. 13 Addie Weil, $9,691

Weil has been to just four rodeos this year and won two of them. She banked $3,835 for a 1.8-second run in Rosenberg and then in Odessa, she was 1.6 to collect $5,828.

No. 14 Taylor Hanchey, $9,095

Hanchey placed first or second in 3-of-4 rounds at the Texas Circuit Finals to finish third in the Average and earn more than $7,500.

No. 15 Bailey Patterson, $8,989

Patterson won 2-of-3 rounds and the Average at October’s Columbia River Circuit Finals (Oregon). She earned a total of $5,159 there. Patterson also won Bracket 6, Round 2 and the Wildcard in Fort Worth.

No. 16 Christi Baudrick, $8,905

Braudrick won about $2,400 in Hempstead and Rosenberg between Oct. 5-8 and then carried that momentum into the Prairie Circuit Finals, which she won on Oct. 14.

No. 17 Taylor Munsell, $8,895

Munsell won the First Round of the Prairie Circuit Finals and also won one at the Lubbock Breakaway Roping.

No. 18 Tacy Webb, $8,645

Webb made all of her money from Oct. 5-14 this season and has not roped since. She was the champion of the Hempstead Breakaway Roping on Oct. 7.

No. 19 Cassidy Boggs, $8,193

A majority of Boggs’ money came from second place finishes in Bellville and Lubbock. She made four runs of 3 flat or faster across those two rodeos.

No. 20 Kassidy Dennison, $7,655

Dennison is in the Top 20 in the World despite just making four runs. She won the only two rodeos she went to so far this season - Camp Verde and Las Vegas.

Standings via WPRA are accurate as of 10 AM ET on Saturday, Feb. 10.