WPRA Breakaway Roping World Standings, Sept. 14: Hali Williams Reassumes her Position at No. 1


Kord Etbauer

Hali Williams is back at No. 1 in the World Standings after claiming multiple checks over the weekend in Washington. The top positions were not the only to shuffle as Kelsie Domer has moved to No. 6 and Bradi Good jumps to No. 12 after securing a second place finish at the Cinch Playoffs .

The regular season is quickly coming to a close and the pressure is on for the ladies on the bubble including Josie Conner, Erin Johnson and Samantha Fulton.

No. 1 Hali Williams, $145,786

Hali Williams has reclaimed the No. 1 spot in the WPRA Breakaway World Standings after a lucrative week in the state of Washington. Williams secured a fourth-place check at her first stop in Lewiston, Idaho bringing in just under $2,000 before heading west to Puyallup where the cowgirl cinched the No. 3 spot in the Final Round. Williams secured over $15,000 in earnings over the past week, bringing her total money to $145,786 as she locks in her first National Finals Breakaway Roping qualification, likely entering in the No. 1 spot.

No. 6 Kelsie Domer, $94,725

Kelsie Domer turned in a run of 2.0 seconds flat at the Lewiston Breakaway Roping to take home the championship title and a check for $3,281. Domer also locked in two Go-Round checks in Puyallup as she finished third in Round 2 with a 3.1-second run to make her way into the Semifinals where she claimed sixth place to bring in an additional $3,175. She was No. 8 to start he weekend and as Domer sits just outside the Top 5, the cowgirl is on track to qualifying for her second NFBR.

No. 10 Rickie Engesser, $76,328

A 2.4-second run in Round 1 of the Puyallup Breakaway Roping secured Rickie Engesser a Go-Round win and a check for $3,350. The South Dakota cowgirl made her initial NFBR appearance in 2022 and is gunning for a second as she now sits No. 10 in the World Standings.

No. 12 Bradi Good, $69,749

Bradi Good has shifted in the standings as she now sits No. 12, up from No. 16 less than a week ago, with $69,749 in total earnings for the regular season. She pulled a big check at the Puyallup Breakaway Roping as she took home second in the rodeo. Good turned in a 3.2-second run in the Final Round to earn a check for $9,750.

No. 18 Jordi Edens, $53,908

Jordi Edens sits on the bubble at No. 18 in the World Standings as she was amongst the cowgirls that pulled a check at the Puyallup Breakaway Roping. Edens claimed third-place in Round 1 with a run of 3.3 seconds and made her way into the Semifinals where she came in at No. 5. Overall, Edens collected $2,338 in Washington, bringing her total earning to $53,908.

1. Hali Williams $145,787
2. Shelby Boisjoli $133,242
3. Sarah Angelone $114,047
4. Martha Angelone $112,562
5. Taylor Munsell $98,402
6. Kelsie Domer $94,726
7. Joey Williams $87,313
8. Cheyanne McCartney $85,703
9. Danielle Lowman $82,616
10. Jackie Crawford $76,573
11. Rickie Engesser $76,329
12. Bradi Good $69,749
13. Kendal Pierson $68,527
14. Josie Conner $64,077
15. Erin Johnson $63,222
16. Samantha Fulton $59,056
17. Madison Outhier $55,207
18. Jordi Edens $53,849
19. Beau Peterson $51,404
20. Nicole Baggarley $50,946

Standings via WPRA.com are accurate as of 12 PM ET on Wednesday, Sept. 14.