WPRA Breakaway Roping World Standings, Aug. 31: Hali Williams and Shelby Boisjoli Battle for No. 1


Hali Williams and Shelby Boisjoli maintain their battle for the top position in the WPRA World Standings, holding first and second place with a mere $323 difference between them. Boisjoli is trailing close behind Williams with $128,013 in earnings after claiming the No. 3 spot in the Kennewick Breakaway Roping Average to claim a total check for $4,276. The Kitsap Stampede was also a success for the Canadian cowgirl as he cinched the No. 3 spot to pull in an additional $1,931.

Williams remains in the top spot as she leads with $128,336 in total as she cinched a check for just under $2,400 at the Kennewick Breakaway Roping with a third place check in Round 1. Both Williams and Boisjoli have secured their position at the National Finals Breakaway Roping in Las Vegas.

No. 7 Danielle Lowman, $79,703

Danielle Lowman has jumped from No. 9 to No. 7 in the World Standings after securing the championship title at the Tremonton Breakaway Roping where she stopped the clock at 2.0 seconds flat to claim a just for just over $6,000. Lowman also claimed the No. 1 spot at the Kitsap Stampede with a run of 1.9 seconds to pull a check for $2,970. With just under $80,000 in total earnings, Lowman is on her way to securing a second NFBR qualification.

No. 9 Josie Conner, $60,251

Josie Conner sits within the Top 10 with $60,251 in earnings as she claimed a check for $1,333 at the Kennewick Breakaway Roping just before securing the No. 2 spot at the Coeur D’Alene Breakaway Roping with a 2.1-second run. Conner pulled a check for $2,849 in Idaho to move into the No. 9 spot in the WPRA World Standings.

Take a look at the Top 20 breakaway ropers in the WPRA World Standings.

Rank Name Earnings
1.Hali Williams$128,336
2.Shelby Boisjoli$128,013
3.Sarah Angelone$108,857
4.Martha Angelone$100,182
5.Taylor Munsell$97,166
6.Joey Williams$80,666
7.Danielle Lowman$79,703
8.Cheyanne Guillory$77,824
9.Jackie Crawford$73,216
10.Kelsie Domer$70,025
11.Rickie Engesser$67,111
12.Josie Conner$60,251
13.Erin Johnson$57,537
14.Bradi Good$55,896
15.Kendal Pierson$55,103
16.Samantha Fulton$53,019
17.Beau Peterson$50,438
18.Madison Outhier$50,305
19.Nicole Baggarley$47,068
20.Tiffany Schieck$45,974

Standings via WPRA are accurate as of 12 PM ET on Thursday, Aug. 31.