WPRA Breakaway Roping Standings, Sept. 29: Martha Angelone Reclaims Her Position at No. 3


Maci Berry

The Breakaway Roping World Standings have remained constant over the past week with few moves being made within the Top 20.

With just days remaining in the regular season, a handful of the top cowgirls are currently competing for a check at the Cinch Playoff’s Governor’s Cup.

No. 3 Martha Anglelone, $115,865

Martha Angelone has reclaimed her spot at No. 3 after cinching a check at the Stephenville Breakaway Roping as she stopped the clock at 2.3 seconds to claim second-place. Angelone and her sister Sarah, who now sits No. 4, have spent the summer switching positions inside the Top 5, both securing their qualification to the National Finals Breakaway Roping this December.

No. 10 Jackie Crawford, $82,739

World Champion Jackie Crawford pulled two checks over the past week as she turned in a 2.5-second run at the Seminole Breakaway. Crawford also cashed in at the Stephenville Breakaway Roping after roping one in 2.4 seconds. Overall, Crawford added just over $2,000 to her earnings to further secure her position at No. 10.

No. 12 Bradi Good, $76,277

Bradi Good locked in a run of 2.1 seconds to claim the Amarillo Breakaway Roping Championship Title. Good pulled a check for just under $1,600 to move into the No. 12 spot. As she currently fights for a check in Sioux Falls, Good is working towards securing a trip to Las Vegas.

No. 14 Kendal Pierson, $71,531

Kendal Pierson secured a second-place check at the Springhill Breakaway Roping to add $1,411 to her earnings. At No. 14 in the World Standings, Pierson is sitting on the bubble with just days remaining in the regular season.

Take a look at the Top 20 Breakaway Ropers in the World Standings.

Rank Name Earnings
1.Hali Williams $146,742
2.Shelby Boisjoli $139,548
3.Martha Angelone$115,865
4.Sarah Angelone $114.284
5.Taylor Munsell $98,402
6.Joey Williams $96,799
7.Kelsie Domer$94,725
8.Cheyanne Guillory$85,703
9.Danielle Lowman$82,816
10.Jackie Crawford$82,739
11.Rickie Engesser$79,481
12.Bradi Good$76,277
13.Josie Conner$74,763
14.Kendal Pierson$71,531
15.Erin Johnson$66,029
16.Samantha Fulton$63,845
17.Madison Outhier$59,608
18.Jordi Edens$54,606
19.Beau Peterson$52,392
20.Nicole Baggarley$51,515

Standings via WPRA current as of Sept. 29 at 5 p.m ET.