WPRA Barrel Racing World Standings, Aug. 30: Ilyssa Riley Sits Outside the Top 5, Kosel Moves to No. 12

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James Phifer

Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi and Jordon Briggs have furthered their lead at No. 1 and No. 2 in the World Standings after both cowgirls secured checks at the Horse Heaven Roundup Rodeo. Tonozzi trailed Briggs in Round 1 as well as the Short-Go in Kennewick. Briggs claimed the No. 1 spot in Round 1 with a run of 16.89 as Tonozzi trailed by four hundreths of a second. Briggs and Tonozzi secured the No. 3 and 4 positions in the Final Round to ultimately clinch the first and second place in the Average. Briggs took home the championship title with 33.87 seconds on two head, earning just under $9,000 in total. Tonozzi remains No. 1 in the WPRA World Standings as she added $7,400 to her earnings bringing her total money to $216,267.

No. 6 Ilyssa Riley, $104,601

Ilyssa Riley is inching closer into the Top 5 as she secured checks at the Horse Heaven Roundup, Range Days Rodeo and Kitsap Stampede. Riley claimed the No. 4 spot at the Range Days Rodeo as she stopped the clock at 17.28 seconds to take home a check for $1,180. The Texas cowgirl also added to her earnings at the Horse Heaven Roundup where she placed fourth in Round 1 to pull a check for $2,517 in Kennewick.

No. 12 Summer Kosel, $90,546

Summer Kosel pulled in $6,248 at the Horse Heaven Roundup and the Gem State Stampede bringing her to No. 12 in the World Standings. Kosel finished out at No. 3 in the Average in Kennewick with 34.24 seconds on two head and carried her momentum into Coeur D’alene as she tied for third place at the Gem State Stampede. Kosel has now surpasses $90,000 in earnings as she works towards a National Finals Rodeo qualification.

Take a look a the Top 20 barrel racers in the WPRA World Standings.

Rank Name Earnings
1.Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi$216,267
2.Jordon Briggs$150,763
3.Kassie Mowry$130,029
4.Lisa Lockhart (G)$120,835
5.Taycie Matthews$111,961
6.Ilyssa Riley$104,601
7.Jessica Routier$103,748
8.Hailey Kinsel$102,103
9.Sue Smith (G)$97,392
10.Emily Beisel$94,645
11.Wenda Johnson$93,686
12.Summer Kosel$90,546
13.Sara Winkelman$89,852
14.Paige Jones$87,386
15.Kelly Allen$84,468
16.Sissy Winn$83,334
17.Stevi Hillman$82,751
18.Dona Kay Rule$77,317
19.Ashley Castleberry$71,173
20.Carlee Otero$70,683

Standings via WPRA are accurate as of 4 PM ET on Wednesday, Aug. 30.