WPRA Barrel Racing Standings, Sept. 6: Tonozzi Breaks Ellensburg Arena Record, Hillman Moves Closer to Top 15

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James Phifer

Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi has cinched another arena record as she clinched the championship title at the Ellensburg Rodeo and adds to her long list of accolades this season. The cowgirls sitting on the bubble such as Stevi Hillman, Kelly Allen and Paige Jones are gunning for a solidified spot in the Top 15 with just three and a half weeks remaining in the regular season.

No. 1 Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, $216,267

Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi swept the competition at the Ellensburg Rodeo as she claimed the No. 2 spot in Round 1 following World Champion Jordon Briggs. Tonozzi turned up the heat going into Round 2 where she cinched the No. 1 spot with a 17.05-second run worth just over $2,000. The Final Round was one to remember as Tonozzi not only turned in the fastest time of the Short-Go but did so with a 16.90-second run to set a brand new arena record. Tonozzi now holds the No. 1 spot in the World Standings with $216,267 in total earnings.

No. 13 Sissy Winn, $92,991

Sissy Winn captured the No. 3 spot in the Average at the Ellensburg Rodeo to secure a check for $4,819 total. Winn is now sitting at No. 13 in the World Standings with just under $93,000 in earnings. A 17.19-second run in Round 2 locked Winn in at fourth-place and followed it up with a run of 17.18 in the Finals to finish out at No. 3. Winn is working to stay inside the Top 15 as she fights for a second National Final Rodeo qualification.

No. 16 Stevi Hillman, $85,557

Seven-time National Final Rodeo qualifier Stevi Hillman is currently on the bubble as she sits No. 16 in the World Standings after securing checks in both Ellensburg and Walla Walla. Hillman notched the No. 4 spot in the Average with with 52.0 seconds on three head, bringing in a total of $4,580 at the Ellensburg Rodeo. A 17.39-second run landed the cowgirl in the money at the Walla Walla Frontier Days, bringing her total earnings to $85,557 thus far for the regular season.

Take a look at the Top 20 barrel racers in the WPRA World Standings.

RankName Earnings
1.Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi$216,267
2.Jordon Briggs$150,763
3.Kassie Mowry$130,029
4.Lisa Lockhart (G)$121,292
5.Taycie Matthews$111,958
6.Ilyssa Riley$106,218
7.Jessica Routier$104,320
8.Hailey Kinsel$102,103
9.Sue Smith (G)$97,392
10.Wenda Johnson$97,352
11.Emily Beisel$95,697
12.Summer Kosel$93,882
13.Sissy Winn$92,991
14.Sara Winkelman$90,446
15.Paige Jones$88,625
16.Stevi Hillman$85,557
17.Kelly Allen$84,775
18.Dona Kay Rule$78,105
19.Ashley Castleberry$72,613
20.Carlee Otero$70,683

Standings via WPRA are accurate as of 2 PM ET on Thursday Sept. 7.