World No. 1 Riley Webb Dominates Bracket 2 at Puyallup Cinch Playoffs

Riley Webb put together to 8.1-second runs in Bracket 2 at the Cinch Playoffs, one of which was good enough for second in Round 1 and the other was good enough to win Round 2.

Webb’s two-head Average of 16.2 seconds is the best from either of the two brackets, however it won’t matter as Sunday’s Semifinal is a clean slate.

Still, the World No. 1 has already banked over $5,000 for this work so far in Puyallup.

“That horse I got the first week of August, Rudy from Lane Livingston, he’s been outstanding, glad I got to be able to purchase him,” Webb said. “I think in our game, in my event, the horses are a game changer.”

Joining Webb in the tie-down roping Semifinals on Sunday afternoon Shad Mayfield, Caleb Smidt, Trevor Hale, John Douch, Cory Solomon, Brushton Minton and Garrett Jacobs.