WATCH: Stetson Wright after taking the lead in the bull riding in Redding

Stetson Wright won the bull riding Go-Round Thursday night at the Redding Rodeo with 85.5 points aboard Bridwell Pro Rodeos’ Rip Slinger.

“I mean it all takes the try in the world to ride something like that,” he said. “He (Rip Slinger) didn’t have much timing, it was all up to me to grit through it and I’m glad I did.”

Wright, who is currently No. 3 in the world, was one of six cowboys to make the whistle in the Go-Round.

Redding Rodeo bull riding leaders: 1. Stetson Dell Wright, 85.5 points on Bridwell Pro Rodeos’ Rip Slinger; 2. Maverick Potter, 84; 3. Wylee Hurst, 82; 4. Rawley Johnson, 81.5; 5. Ray Mayo, 81; 6. Boudreaux Campbell, 80.5.