WATCH: Interview with Riggin’ Rally Jackpot winner Cauy Pool

Cauy Pool took the win at the Riggin’ Rally Jackpot and says he was not feeling the pressure despite $8,000 being added to the prize money at the last minute.

“It was just fun,” he said. “Best practice I’ve ever been to.”

Pool said he didn’t even know there was $8,000 added and at the time of the interview, still didn’t know how much exactly he’d won. His 87-point ride came on a horse he knew nothing about, which allowed him to keep it simple.

“That’s how I approach all of them, whether it be an NFR horse a 4-year-old colt, I get on everything and do my job the same every single time,” Pool said. “They’re going to go out there and buck around and I’m going to spur ‘em.”


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