Tuf Cooper talks about his friendly rivalry with Shane Hanchey

Shane Hanchey is No. 1 in the world in the tie-down roping currently and right behind him is his long-time friend Tuf Cooper.

Cooper and Hanchey are very familiar with one another, dating back to when the two cowboys started getting home-schooled right around the same time. About 15 years later, both men are in their early 30s with Gold Buckles to their names.

“It’s been awesome to grow up with Shane and watch him rope. We’re some of the older guys now,” Cooper said.

The four-time World Champion says the thing that separates Hanchey is his dedication from a young age and his knowledge of roping and the rodeo industry.

“He started off when he was 15, 16, 17-years-old knowing what he wanted to do for a living,” Cooper said. “He had an opportunity, he worked hard and he executed on it.”

You can see Tuf Cooper’s full interview here.


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