Tristen Hutchings Ends 2022 Season with Nephi Xtreme Bulls Victory

Tristen Hutchings ended his year qualifying for his first ever National Finals Rodeo and he did not stop there. He cinched the win at the Last Chance Xtreme Bull Riding in Nephi, Utah with an arena record setting ride.

With 92 points on Rosser Rodeo’s Loguns Legacy, Hutchings ended up 177.5 points on two head and the Champion of the event.

“Oh shoot, we were looking at the bull list for the NFR the other day and that bull is on there. I argued for him, he’s a good bull. He’s awesome, he’s showy and he’s a blast to get on,” Hutchings said about Loguns Legacy.

On a cole night in Utah, Hutchings added over $6,000 to his season’s grand total and his entering the Thomas and Mack inside the Top 5 in the World.