Tim O’Connell Scores a Record-Setting 94 Points on Stevie Knicks for the Win in the Cinch Chute-Out Finals at the San Angelo Rodeo

On Saturday night at the San Angelo Rodeo Cinch Chute-Out, 3X World Champion Bareback Rider Tim O’Connell drew Northchott Macza’s Stevie Knicks in the final round — an infamous horse he’d never before ridden and was excited to have.

The matchup did not disappoint. Both horse and rider did their jobs beautifully, resulting in a score of 94 points for O’Connell to win the Chute-Out and $7,500.

With the epic performance, O’Connell also set a new San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo arena record and tied the bareback world record, which he now shares with Wes Stevenson, Will Lowe, Ryan Gray, and Tilden Hooper.

“That’s a little stick of dynamite,” O’Connell says of Stevie Knicks. “That is an amazing animal. It was more than what I expected. ... I felt like we matched each other move for move. I don’t feel like i overhauled her, and I don’t feel like I was behind her either. We just had an explosive ride.”