Tim O’Connell on his 90-Point Ride to win Lawton and Tie Arena Record

It was the matchup of the week: 3X World Champion Tim O’Connell vs. 2019 Bareback Horse of the Year Killer Bee in the final round at the Lawton Rangers Rodeo.

He’d never ridden Killer Bee until last night when they faced off in Lawton, but O’Connell was ready for her. In an interview beforehand, he said, “Me and Killer Bee have danced around each other for a really long time. You know, for a long time I said I wouldn’t get on that horse unless there were five figures I could win off it, just because of how strong and powerful that horse is and what you have to put your body through to make that spur ride and get past her the right way. ... It’s about time that me and Killer Bee matched up.”

The performance did the two world champions not disappoint. O’Connell went 90 points on Killer Bee Saturday night in Lawton, bringing the fans to their feet, tying the arena record, and winning the rodeo.



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